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Wild and retro fashion

21/09/2015 Fashion, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Fashion Purple Dress with Flowers

Having moved across the country, naturally, I have been keen to source new locations for shoots. I’ve found a couple but this one I felt was something special, set in a rural location, with its magnificent Columns, it seemed the ideal.

However, the downside, I soon found out is that it’s still an active church and that every time I have attempted to shoot there, the people in the near by houses would frequently keep checking on us. In the case of this shoot we had a bit of an audience and naturally this can be a bit of a hindrance.

As we were trying the location out we thought it wise to stick to clothes that were attractive but not overly dramatic. I have recently had a bit of a splurge on eBay. I love seeking out vintage outfits and currently have a mild addiction to wrap dresses. This one really caught my eye being that it’s purple (which is my favourite colour) but also, its retro style print. I think for £12 I got a bargain and believe it or not, this is a great way to stock up on a modelling wardrobe. You really don’t need to spend a fortune, eBay and charity shops can be a goldmine of affordable modelling attire.

Anyway, back to the photos – I’ve added 4 from this shoot to the fashion gallery, granted I feel they have that retro style but overall, they’re more fashion.

These photos were taken on a Nikon 5200 and a 85mm lens on a overcast day as you know shooting with natural light can be constant checking and adjusting your settings but F5.6 is usually a safe place to start from.

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