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The ravens call – a gothic tale of woe

05/05/2015 Gothic, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Gothic Natural Light Dark Misty Witch Flowing Dress

Last weekend we noticed a glorious mist settling upon the Sussex Downs and BeachyHead. We both remarked how amazing that would be for a gothic, Sleepy Hollow Inspired photo shoot. Never having done photos in the mist, I was quite curious to what the results might be.

I adorned one of my favourite black gothic dresses by Kambriel, in Canada and applied lots of my favourite kohl – off we went. I have to admit, it was bloody freezing and there was a persistent rain! Although, we were glad of the gentle wind picking up the large arms of my dress giving the photos a sense of movement and atmosphere.

I really hope you enjoy these shots! They were a spare of the moment thing but I still love them just as much as many of my other photos ❤️

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Please don’t forget I have many other shoots you may not have seen. Last summer I planned a themed called “Ceremony”, sporting the same black dress by Kambriel with the long Bell sleeves and a kuchi tribal head-dress.

I thought adding coloured smoke with Catholic incense burners would really make the shoot come alive. These were taken in a beautiful derelict Abbey by Wright Appeture Images.


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