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The Levee Breaks – 70’s retro themed shoot

11/07/2016 Bokeh, Fashion, Lucifera, Portrait, Retro, Shallow Depth of Field
LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

The first time I got into Rock music was when I was 13, it was after a pop concert ( and I am not saying who ) My Uncle said “that’s enough of your music, now its my turn to play something” we drove home listening to Led Zeppelin IV, but I was hooked by the end of Black Dog…

It’s only natural when you listen to a lot of 70’s or 70’s inspired rock music like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or watch films like the Devils Rejects and Almost Famous that you feel inspired to dress up 70’s and shoot a few photos.

It’s rare a photographer won’t cringe when I pull out the old flares though, so I was thrilled when Stephen accepted my suggestion. Stephen is currently studying photography at a near by art college so he was looking for something for his portfolio.

We agreed on the location prior to the day. A near by museum had this gorgeous garden with lots of interesting features and beautiful flowers. I think we shot 4 different outfits. You can see one of the other outfits in a previous blog posted 22/05/2016.

I found this great seller on Etsy who makes the most amazing flares and bell bottoms. I also prowl charity shops and found the floral gypsy top and the sequin waist coat that way. the gorgeous silk top I found in a boutique. I am always on the look out for vintage 70’s and 70’s style clothes, especially if they look like 70’s Rock chic or look witchy.

LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

I think this is one of my favourite shots from this shoot, although I have a few 🙂 I loved the lens flare and the warm tones. it was nice seeing this outfit and the shimmer from the sequin waistcoat.

LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

I really love this top and I love the whole vibe of this shot, I can’t recall what exactly we were talking about but I recall feeling happy and quit zen.

LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

I am dead pleased with  these photos on the steps, I thought this was a great spot and I kept my posing very natural and just chilled out while we chatted and took the shots.

LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

We took these in the big green house, it has beautiful stained glass windows in the entrance which looked like a cave but it was narrow and not enough light, so we opted for the large greenhouse with the tropical plants – I confess I am in two minds about these but I like the circle in the glass work.

LadyLucifera retro Fashion 70's

Stephen used natural light on this shoot with a good lens to get a shallow depth of field/Bokeh. I think this is the best way to take photos on location, especially if the shoot is rural or with a floral background like we had.

the last set I’ll be posting from this shoot were nice dresses, so I’ll be posting them in the fashion gallery soon, please subscribe so you don’t miss out on future posts.

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