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The Lady in the Lake at Sunset by MFTPhoto

09/10/2016 Fairytale, Gothic, Lucifera, Medieval, Pre Raphaelite, Shallow Depth of Field
Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Maiden In The River By MFTPhoto

Everyone knows I love the Pre Raphaelites and Historical modelling, I have loved the works by Waterhouse for such a time and proud to say I own one beautiful canvas print of the Lady of Sherlott. So when I am asked to model this style I am thrilled to pieces and really excited about getting creative.

I rarely see the results of my commissioned modelling work so I was delighted to get these back after my shoot with MFTPhoto.

This gives me a perfect chance to show you the photos and share little about the photo shoot.

Since moving to East London I have been fortunate to discover a few beautiful locations amongst the concrete jungle. This one is one of my absolute favourites so you will forgive me if I am unwilling to divulge the place just yet, I just intend to use it abit more first.

The location offers a mixture of Woodlands, River and meadow, its fantastic and beautiful although very public so you will have to accept an audience when shooting there. Ive learned to focus on what I am doing and ignore the people around me but yes it can make you feel little nervous.

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Maiden In The Sunset By MFTPhoto

Photography by MFTPhoto 2016

The photographer who is MFT photo had a very clear vision for our shoot, he wanted my white gown and sheer cloak in the setting sun. after we chose our shot he set up his lights and we shot frantically, while constantly having to just the lighting settings for the constantly dropping light of the sun. sunset photography can be tricky because you are constantly having to keep an eye on the light and adjust it. you never realise how fast that sun sets until you metering it. Thankfully we got this awesome photo.

The next shot was alittle more of my impute, I thought the stillness of the water would look amazing with the white gown if i actually went in. Thus the Lady of the Lake, my own regret is that I didn’t have a sword, I am thinking it’s time I purchased one.

I think MFT photo took some gorgeous photos and I grateful he shared them and I look forward to working with him again.

If you like this style of photo, please drop me a line and let me know, or click the little heart at the top.

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Lucifera x

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