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The Harbinger of Death / Grim Reaper

07/09/2015 Gothic, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera The Harbinger of Death

I had the Harbinger of Death / Grim Reaper idea in mind for some time, probably a year, if not longer.

I finally hunted down the Scythe last year and then waited until I found a photographer who could A) appreciate the idea and B) be able to do it justice. Given the style, obviously, those qualities were going to go hand-in-hand but it was just a case of finding such a person.

So there sat the Scythe in the garage collecting dust and cobwebs ( I have a few odd props waiting for shoots such as this ).

What with moving across the country and settling into a new home, a lot of the artistic projects moved to the back burner. However, that creative fix always needs to get sated and it wasn’t long until I was searching around checking out the talent of my new found area.

So I found Paride and instantly loved his work! All summer I had been shooting the flowery, boho styles so I was in the mood for something dark and I believe Paride’s work is dark with the potential to be even darker. His work boasts that of dark creativity that flows outside of the box… excellent!!!

So I dropped him a line and told him about a few ideas I had. One of them being The Harbinger of Death / grim Reaper using the gnarly old Scythe. Paride loved the idea and we had our shoot booked and planned.

The shoot itself was pretty short, we got 2 concepts down within 2 hours plus some laughter and silliness.
Now, I have the results of that day back and I can honestly say, I love them. I adore the desolate and stark feel in the photos with the foreboding tone of death in a prominent position and stance.

These may not be the usual pretty or sexy style of photos I have been doing of recent years but for those of you who love the dark, spooky and gothic, I am really hoping you will love these new shots.

If you do? Please check back on Wednesday night when I’ll be posting the second concept from that day’s photo shoot.

Until then…

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