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Sheers to Witches – Lingerie and Gothic photo shoots

12/08/2015 Fashion, Gothic, Lucifera, Portrait, Retro, Shallow Depth of Field
Lady Lucifera Gothic 70s Retro Witch Boho Kuchi Tribal Jewellery

I first shot with Mike Croshaw last summer and we shot some very 70’s retro style shots in a meadow.

I loved the photos so much, I naturally wanted to shoot with Mike again. Mike is one of those photographers who is always in very high demand, so it’s taken until June before I got a date secured. Plenty of time for planning, but what?! When you have so many ideas that you wantย to shoot but only a short amount of time, this can be an excruciating process!

Our first idea sadly didn’t quite work out to plan, this sometimes happens, but it hasn’t put me off and it will get done, eventually!

So the first idea I had jotted down as a must was the 70’s retro witch – with my wide rimmed hat and Kuchi tribal jewellery ( I just love this stuff and it was so much fun to just pile lots of it on ). I also wore a sheer black lace kimono and my purple belly dance belt over a long black skirt.

The combination turned out really well and I adore this photo so much which is why it’s been chosen as the main image for this blog. There was one other from this shoot but it was a bit too raunchy for lady Lucifera so I have put it away for the time being. Whilst keeping on the dark witch theme, we also shot a nice portrait with my little mascot Sean…AKA ram skull!

The second plan for this shoot was to shoot some more 70’s style gypsy boho but with a fresher more natural and casual feel. So I chose some denim shorts and a simple sheer white lace blouse with lace trim to show off my belly a little. All I can say is these photos turned out way better than I had even imagined and I am thrilled at how they show off my hourglass curves perfectly. I just adore them, and it was tough just choosing these few as I loved the entire set of photos taken.

We also shot a few with a lovely little lace parasol which I thought added a gorgeous texture to the photos when the light shone through it – Mike even caught a lovely bit of lens flare.
After this set I quickly slipped on a sheer Indian print dress with the intention of having the sunlight shine through the dress which we thought would look quite sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Luckily we also had time to shoot some studio shots so I’ve decided I will add a boudoir gallery to lady Lucifera at some point so I can add the odd bit of lingerie.

We took one lovely shot with my sheer Agent Provocateur bra and pink cardigan. For ages I’ve been dying to shoot some side boob shots and I managed to get one outfit in on this shoot with my little black tee. The last shot was Mikes idea which is just a casual portrait with the open shirt gazing through the window.

So, there is tons of variety here this time, I managed to get some gothic, retro, fashion, sheer and even a bit of lingerie into the mix for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mike uses natural light on location, no flash at all and most of the time, I think this is the best way! I see some photographers using flash lighting during day light and I always wonder why?! The results often lose any atmosphere and usually look flat and uninteresting.

For those of you who are reading this and might be considering going on a photographic workshop, I would highly recommend going on one of Mike Croshaws workshops where you could really hone your skill, learn some nifty tricks whilst still remaining creative in your own right.

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Lucifera x