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Robust Boho in Bokeh

22/05/2016 Bokeh, Fashion, Lucifera, Natural Light, Portrait, Retro
Lady Lucifera Retro Gypsy Boho Bokeh Natural Light Portrait

A rich array of colours captured in Bokeh style photography with floral backdrops and 70’s inspired fashions…

With all the stuff that has been going on I have gotten so behind on sharing my shoots with you, So here are are some by Stephen Alwright…

Last summer I had a glorious day at the Shuttleworth Collection near Biggleswade. while I was there, I noticed the gardens were perfect for some photo shoots and the current blooms were a combination of red and purple, Oh I was going back, I just needed a photographer.

I had spoken to Stephen a few times about shooting but our busy schedules kept us from securing a date, so when Stephen responded to my email about the location it looked like luck was in our favour.

So we bought our tickets and casually strolled in, him with his camera bag and me with a bag stuffed full of clothes.

We shot some lovely photos during the couple of hours we spent there and I am thrilled to say we got some shots with the gorgeous red and purple/blue flowers and here they are 😊

Lady Lucifera Retro Gypsy Boho Bokeh Natural Light Portrait
Hoping you like them as much as I do xXx

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