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Portrait photography by Jon Downs

26/07/2015 Lucifera, Portrait
Lady Lucifera Portrait Jon Downs Simplicity

This post is more of a teaser for my new website once it’s completed, with just this one shot by Jon Downs for the time being.

I admit I normally shy away from nude Modelling, it’s usually either done badly or it’s the type of amazing photography taken of the super thin models with all their bone structure on show.

I am not nit picking, as artistic nude stands! I understand the merits of capturing the shadows and lines of the female form when the bone structure is highlighted well. But, let’s face it, that isn’t me, I am, and always will be, a curvy girl with my hourglass figure, with my big hips, big boobs and that extra bit of… whip in the hip.


Then one day purely by accident I came across Jon Downs photography. I was in instant  awe and spent hours upon hours admiring every photo, showing photographer friends and quite honestly coveting the hell out of it.

Then one day I felt bold and sent Jon a gushing email explaining how much I loved his work and how much I wanted to try this style – admittedly was quite nervous. I’ve been modeling for 15 years and never worked up the courage to shoot anything like this.

It took a couple of months before the day of the shoot finally arrived. By this time we had a pretty good idea of what our goals were. Jon later commented that I had sent him the raunchiest moodboard he has ever seen. I found this quite funny because looking at what he often shoots, this man knows how to capture some very provocative images. Might I quickly point out, at this point we are talking artistic erotica, nothing more 😉

So a lovely evening was spent shooting, trying out different ideas, drinking tea, having a good old natter and the best bit was that I felt perfectly at ease.

Since the shoot, Jon has sent me a fair few photos – all are stunning. I love them to bits but only one of them is safe for viewing here, my ickle darklings – so here it is.

Fear not however, because the new site is being worked on and the rest of this shoot will be shared there in due course.

So, watch this space and enjoy the galleries here in the mean time.

Until next time

Lucifera xx

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