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Persephone’s forbidden fruit

14/09/2015 Lucifera, Pre Raphaelite
Lady Lucifera Persephone's Forbidden Fruit

Pre Raphaelite with a touch of Gothic, embracing rich and decadent colours in a natural environment. If that doesn’t entice you, think of the works of Waterhouse!!

I think I originally applied to one of Medusa Gorgona’s castings some time ago, that’s how we originally got in touch. Since then, we bounced around a few ideas before something came together. She is one of those creativity entities, like myself, that will take the lead and plan everything right down to the last detail. So, in this case I was able to go with the flow and just trust her judgement in her goals for our photo shoot.

We shot a few ideas however, I really liked the last two concepts and those were what I asked for when I finally saw the Raws. The set that I am sharing with you today was our main concept and is centred around rich reds and Pomegranates – this is why there are a few variations. My favourites being the simple portraits with the sheer reds, but in truth I love them all – even the smokey ones and the later that I personally feel has a Tim Burton feel to it, can you spot it?

You will have to wait until Wednesday to see the final photo… and yes, my absolute favourite from this shoot!

So… don’t forget the set your watches and check back then.

Click here to see the photo set!