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The Peach Hourglass – Corsetry by Puimond

20/12/2015 Boudoir, Corsetry, Lingerie, Lucifera
Lady Lucifers Corset Puimond Peach Hourglass Figure

A shoot to highlight corsetry, hourglass figures and womanly curves – I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I first contacted Puimond requesting them to make a Peach Satin Corset for me!

Admittedly it takes time to make a made to measure and one of the kind corset ( something Puimond specialise in ) they found for me this wonderful vintage satin, which they then hand dyed especially for me. I love Puimond – they always go above and beyond. When I receive one of their divine pieces and gently unwrap it from its tissue paper, I feel like a princess on Christmas Day. A feeling that returns every time I put it on and tighten the laces.

With moving home this year, I’ve barely had enough time to season this gorgeous corset. The first corset I have ever purchased that has a truly warm and feminine look ( usually I go for bolds and blacks, leathers, spikes )!

So, this corset was special and I held on to it, with the intention of shooting it in an equally warm and light setting. A Boudoir would be ideal but the chance has yet to arise, so I opted to find a photographer who could shoot on a peach background with a warm airy light.

Phil from PhotoPurity just outside Oxford got in touch. I told him what I had in mind for the corset and sent him over a photo of the corset along with another corset ( we’ll come back to other corset later ). Phil finally found the ideal backdrop which was a rich Champagne colour and we set the date.

The thing I love about studio is that it’s a clean and clear space. It gives you a chance for perfect lighting and allows you to focus on the product ( in this case the corset ). I wanted it to be immortalised in its perfect condition before the usual wear and age takes its toll.

We shot for a full afternoon, trying out lighting and even playing a bit with the wind machine. We managed to shoot 4 different sets, 3 corsets and some portrait styles for his studio. A nice collaboration 😊

I think from the entire day, these Peach shots are my favourites, he made me look amazing and produced the warm feminine feeling I was hoping for. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Lady Lucifers Corset Puimond Peach Hourglass Figure

I hope to get the corset even tighter on the next shoot I wear it for and to show off the rest from this shoot very soon 😉

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Lucifera xXx