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One rainy afternoon

12/10/2015 Fashion, Lucifera

Matt contacted me via Facebook enquiring about shooting the following day. Fortunately, I was available and after looking at his portfolio I was keen to try out this new photographer.

We shot quite a lot during the day, first starting in a local studio and then on to location where these were taken.

Annoyingly, while we were in the the studio the sun was glorious outside, but no sooner did we get started once on location, the heavens opened up and we struggled to find shelter whilst doing our photo shoot.

Naturally, I was worried about the rain messing up my make up, but hey, it’s MAC cosmetics so it held up great, not a smudge 🙂


Finding shelter from the rain proved to be hard work and towards the last couple of hours we decided to go with it and shoot in the rain. By this point, I was getting rather wet so we quickly hurried through a few different outfits.

Honestly, given how hard it was raining, I wasn’t expecting our last shots to turn out so great. When I got these back, I was over the moon! I felt Matt had caught a side of me I’ve never seen in a photo before and I love this dress so much, so I am thrilled to have photos that do it justice.

I am sharing the 3 photos from this shoot with you today.

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I was so impressed with the results from my shoot with Matt, I went and booked a second shoot with him before he left the country.

I plan to share a lot more from my shoots with Matt, so I hope you enjoy these and will look forward to the rest that are yet to come.