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New Boudoir photo gallery added!!!

17/08/2015 Boudoir, Lingerie, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Boudoir Lingerie Lise Charmel Teal Vintage Playboy

After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided to add a boudoir photo gallery to my website. I thought it best to launch this gallery with my very last lingerie shoot… let me tell you all about it!

I spotted Mikes work a few months back and I was instantly drawn to his boudoir shots that had a vintage 1970’s Playboy feel to them; you know, the ones that had the soft light and lots of lace lingerie. Anyway, being as I adore 70’s retro style, I was on it and emailing him right away. Fortunately for me, he was also keen to shoot with me and had some time, so we got planning.

We put together a mood board and discussed our goals. As usual, I had a very clear idea of what I hoped to achieve and Mike had a clear idea of what he wanted to try.

The first and main photo for this blog is of my lovely blue silk lingerie by Lise Charmel and I have to say, I think this photo really shows it off well and I was delighted when I first got this photo back. The second two are in my vintage 1920’s green lace dressing gown – I thought these photos were sensual and sexy without being too much. The last one, but hopefully not the least one, was taken on my bed with me in some denim shorts and a cardigan.

Click here to see the new Boudoir gallery

Mike and I are talking about shooting again, we have a lot of ideas but have not settled on anything yet!

So… watch this space and in the mean time enjoy the new photos and don’t forget to share / subscribe to my blog.

Lucifera X