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My Photographic Pursuit 2018 #Goals

19/12/2017 Boudoir, Corsetry, Fairytale, Fashion, Lingerie

I know most of my posts and blogs are about my Modelling and the shoots I model on, so this one might come as abit of a surprise.

I used to be an avid photographer. I would regularly photograph bands and fetish models. In fact at one point I was shooting more than I was modelling and I really enjoyed it.

In the last year or so I have been wanting to get back into photography but as I am someone who can be slow to ponder these things before eventually making up my mind. What style would I like to pursue?

My first desire is to follow in the footsteps of Emily Soto who’s work always floors me, granted I won’t have that type of budget but I am a firm believer “a creative mind can accomplish a lot given enough drive”

So high on my list is to master SDOF Bokeh natural light photography. Looks better in the summer or should I say I’m more willing to spend time outside with a creative pursuit in fairer weather LOL

Before I shot a lot of studio work and while I would like to continue down that avenue I have no interest to shoot what I have already done.

I’ve been admiring the work of Jake Hicks. his work is incredible and I’ve always been a sucker for gel lighting so I’m thinking in the new year I’m going to treat myself to a tutorial with that chap 🙂

While looking over my old photography I can certainly see potential but also a vast amount of room for improvement.

A lot of my earlier work was improvised dare I say random and alittle disorganised. Again this isn’t a bad thing as some photographers excel working that way but I have a feeling I am not one of them.

I will be booking models to practice my skills with so watch this space.

I thought I’d add some of my old photography to showcase what I have done and later to chart my progress

Now I just need a photographic nom de plume