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It’s a little more complicated than just point and a click…

13/05/2015 Lucifera, Portrait, Retro
Lady Lucifera Natural Light SDOF Woodland Portrait

A lot goes into a photo shoot –  that’s if you want to do it right. Choosing the camera and lens to achieve the effects you want is the first step.

Now the gorgeous weather is here, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about natural light SDOF ( shallow depth of field ). It looks amazing on location, fluffing out the background while keeping your subject in focus. It looks great for dreamy themes with flowers. So I tend to target photographers who show a flare for this style in their portfolios.

Being of a creative nature as well as annoyingly analytical, I naturally invested in the 85mm lens for my camera just so I could have a practice at this style. It’s early days but I’m enjoying the learning curve 🙂

Next step is the “recceing”! That means getting off your arse and looking for cool locations that will look amazing in photos. It doesn’t need to be a large grand location though, not if you’re shooting portrait. A pretty little bit of woodland, or even as you can see here, some cow parsley on the road side.


I can think of one amazing photographer who’s work I have been admiring – she amazingly shoots a lot in her back garden. It just goes to show with an open and creative mind, you can really achieve a lot in the summer, and no studio hire in sight.


Right, back to being creative, but please drop me a line if you found this random pondering useful or would like to know more about my adventures through the view finder.


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