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it started with some Lego…

13/06/2016 Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Portrait Rainy Day Window with Danny

Casual Fashions and Portrait Photography with Danny Molyneux one rainy day

I first became aware of Danny’s photography when I saw these cute lego portraits and little scenes he put together to create a story with lego… I found them amusing!

Later on I noticed how fast his photography was progressing, he’d only been shooting for a couple of months and I was loving the quality of his work, so I dropped him a line.

Our schedules being busy it took awhile to set a date but when the day finally came, the heavens opened up and ruined our plans – yes it was raining 🙁

Lady Lucifera Portrait Rainy Day Window with Danny

Our plans of floaty gowns went right out the window so we quickly improvised and agreed to shoot indoors and do some portrait instead.

Lady Lucifera Portrait Danny

We started shooting upstairs in the spare bedroom with some nice boho fashion, I thought lets go with light and warm colours. Danny casually took photos while we talked about our wish lists ( people we want to shoot with and we were agreeing on quite a few peeps ) so if you’re ears are burning…

Lady Lucifera Portrait Rainy Day Window with Danny

Then we went for a change of outfit and shot downstairs in the side room that happens to have this cool indoor window. Danny got some great shots of me gazing out of the window wishing for some sunshine. I think these are my favourite shots from the day!

Lady Lucifera Portrait Danny

Lastly we shot some Tudor, and I really loved this portrait.

Lady Lucifera Tudor Portrait Danny

Here is one of Danny’s Lego shots, its called Keyboard Detail…

keyboard detail by Danny Molyneux Blog

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A few words from Danny himself

“I wanted to work with Lucifera right from the very first time I saw her portfolio. I wasn’t disappointed.

Pre-shoot communications were all handled very professionally. Lucifera is very experienced and knows how to model extremely well, always contributing ideas to the shoot when required. Her poses are quite exquisite.

Lucifera has a huge range of clothing and costumes, only matched by her huge range of expressions and poses. On a personal level she is an absolute delight to be around, and the entire shoot was joyous.

Definitely recommended.”