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In search of art, an interview with Paride

30/05/2016 Fairytale, Gothic, Lucifera, Natural Light
Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Parcae By Paride

I would very much like to add the thoughts of my photographer friends to my blog for my readers, and also aspiring photographers looking for tips and tricks of the trade. Having worked with Paride a few times now I have gained a small glimpse of his creative process and how he works. I thought he would be a good addition to my blog and could offer some creative insights, especially for those just starting out.

Lucifera: Hello Paride, Thank you so much for agreeing to talk about photography with me.

Paride: Thanks Lucifera for having me among the photographers interviewed and for this opportunity to be part of your blog.

Lucifera: What first inspired you to pick up the camera?
Paride: A very close Uncle of mine had a passion for photos and cameras. I kind of followed in his steps. At 13 I grabbed my father’s 35mm Yashica and started taking photos. At the time my main inspiration was documenting.

Lady Lucifera Gothic Snow By Paride

Lucifera: How do you feel your photography has progressed when you look back over your earlier work compared to your more recent works?Paride: Basically my editing has become more subtle but my style is more or less the same. I don’t do 2 edits the same 🙂
Lucifera: Are there any photographers or artist out there you really admire? / Where do you find your source of inspiration?
Paride: Helmut Newton tops the list, that by the way is very short. The Wade Brothers and Brooke Shaden.
My inspiration comes from random thoughts or some times from things that I see.
Lucifera: Do you ever struggle or find photography challenging? / How do you break out of creative dry spell?
Paride: No I don’t, I just keep going. This is the only way I get my mind off things and into creativity that is something that I love..

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Hope Is On The Wind By Paride

Lucifera: When picking models to work with, what qualities do you look for?
Paride: Sometimes just a look. Eyes. I claim that I can work with any model 🙂

Lucifera: Now its bit of an on going misconception that you need to spend thousands on a decent kit. There are frequent references to how big your camera is or the whole Canon vs Nikon debate. what advice would you offer to those starting out on a budget?
Paride: The only important thing is knowing your tools not how expensive or big they are. I’ve used very old film cameras all manual with just a 50mm. For digital I use a crop sensor and 90% of the time a cheap 50mm . But knowing how to use them and how to use your editing tools is much more important.

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Moirai By Paride
Lucifera: Lets talk trends for a moment, I have noticed the levitation photos are very popular right now, not to mention the obvious cliches ( my personal most loathed being the selective colour high heel caught in panties shot ) What do you think about the trends within photography?
Paride: Hate trends. It’s good to think out of the box and trends. That will make your photos stand out.

Lady Lucifera Gothic Snow By Paride


Lucifera: We’ve talked about how you got into photography and the creative process but lets talk about the future. Do you have any exciting projects coming up? and what do you hope to be creatively doing in the long term?
Paride: I do. I have list of concepts that I want to shoot this year or as soon as possible.They range from solitude to disguise.

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