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Happy Halloween / Samhain – the fortune teller

01/11/2015 Gothic, Lucifera

Happy Halloween or Samhain, I really hope you are having or have had a good celebration this All Hallows’ Eve.

I think Halloween means many things to different people. I kind of predicted that this year, more people would be going with the full on gore and horror or the sexy latex with a subtle Halloween prop or theme.

I personally thought it would be nice to go with something more traditional and I couldn’t imagine anything more appropriate than contacting the dead.

With the dragons blood incense burning over head and the warm glow of the fire, I set up the table by the fireplace with all my little treasures, including the crystal ball, tarot and my Ouija board for my fortune teller evening.


To some, a Ouija board has been considered as nothing more than a parlour game trick, whilst others, due to Christian belief see it as a tool for demonic possession. However, spiritualists seem to sit 50/50 on matter. The first mention of such a device was dated back to 1100 AD in China.


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Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get back to my pumpkin pie and a spot of Harry Potter!

Lucifera xXx