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Deep Purple – Smoke on the water

06/11/2016 Bokeh, Fairytale, Gothic, Lucifera, Natural Light, Portrait, Pre Raphaelite, Shallow Depth of Field
Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

Please excuse the pun 😉 Skipping ahead here, this shoot is more recent than some of the others I have posted, its more Pre Raphaelite than I have done in awhile and I really couldn’t wait to show them off. In this shoot I am in the middle of a lake in a gorgeous gown and surrounded by purple smoke for that dreamy feel

This marks my second shoot with Urban Fire ( a photographer from Kent who’s work I always admire and I think we get on well on a creative level which is amazing when that happens )
The first time I shot with Urban Fire was during May when the mission was to capture a blue bell / Gypsy Boho theme. I was so happy with the results of that shoot I knew I’d want to shoot with him again but on something more conceptual and arty. Please don’t misunderstand me, pretty photos are great but when you meet someone who has creative flare and can get on board with your projects it’s worth investing.

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

” I have found this location, it’s amazing, it offers so much, 3 locations in one. It has a gorgeous meadow with sweeping long grass, woodlands that are not too dense, and a river that has lots of spots to cover from a long winding river, to a shallow area with a weeping Willow and lastly a bridge with waterfall” It’s ideal for shooting and I will be using it as much as Humanly possible while it’s on my doorstep So naturally, I am not ready to share this little gem with you, just yet, but you will be the first to know when I am.
I have seen a few shots taken in water and really admired them, actually I ate my heart out and I have had a few stabs. Sadly the first couple of times didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. I would get the photos after the shoot and think “there is room for improvement” no offence guys. It’s all well and good with me wearing a grand gown and being in the river, but when the photographer is safely shooting from the river back you’re not getting its full potential, you’re getting a strip of water with the model in and then the whole other bank and its plantlife…

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

I started thinking, we need a better angle of approach, the photographer needs to get into the water with me. this way we have the water in the foreground and the background and that lovely curving line the river creates fading in the distance. So I asked Urban Fire to bring his wellies. I am not exactly sure what he thought when I asked this of him but he brought the wellies.
We agreed that we wanted coloured smoke in these photos, well in actual fact I have been desperate to shoot more with smoke, I think it looks amazing and with a nice shallow depth of field it adds so much to an image. Urban Fire brought tons of different colours. We started with purple but that was abit hap hazard and possibly not as vivid as we were hoping for, so we went with blue and that did look good!

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire
We were fortunate that on this shoot we had the bloody good fortune of a new make up artist on the scene called Andrew Denton. lovely guy, very friendly and passionate about not only his make up but the creative process of the shoot, making this the dream team, really, what a great group of people, all dedicated to getting something amazing and happy to be here on a very cold evening, and by gawd it was cold, let me tell you!!!

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire
Andrew is currently building his portfolio so we are very lucky to have been fortunate enough to get him. Good MUA’s are hard to come by as you well know. He did a marvellous job on my make up and is a real perfectionist of his skill. I think he really enjoyed himself on the shoot, we have photos of him running about with the smoke bombs and the biggest smile on his face, what a love.
So, we are at the location, we all have our wellies on ( well Andrew had some sort of water proof footwear on, not sure what ) I’m made up beautifully and in a big lilac gown ( a lovely gift from Anjelica Hyde who I shot with the week prior – Thankyou lovely xXx ) and we’re all in the river, purple and blow smoke billowing all over he place, Andrew running up and down the river bank with the coloured smoke and me waving my arms around like a windmill while Urban Fire is rapidly firing away. He yells ” that’s enough the smoke is cleared” as the smoke cleared before my eyes I spied a rather amusing sight. The sight of a lone dog walker flanked on either side with his two dogs, all stairing in stunned silence and rigid like statues, Their expressions all matching and priceless. I really wanted a photo of that!!!

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire
By this point the darkness was drawing in fast so we hurried to the meadow and I had an outfit change, make up fixed and Urban Fire was setting up his lights. Trying to set your lights to match that of a constantly dropping light is abit of a battle though and before long we were all stood in the dark with only disembodied voices to guide us. Andrew is running around with the smoke, I’m blind and hoping I’m directing myself into the right direct and Urban Fire is firing away but battling some pretty stubborn lights. We got what we needed and started to pack up. Now at this point it’s blacker than pitch and we are all scanning the ground with our phones to ensure we have got everything, including our rubbish – Don’t leave litter after your photo shoots. It dawns on us we now have a 20 min hike through the woods in the pitch dark, so what do we talk about? That’s right scary films that make you jump.
I really enjoyed myself on this shoot, so much creatively, open and willingness and of course plenty of laughter. living proof that the best shoots come from enjoying yourself and having good company.
Modelling tip. I prefer to move around on shoots, I try to keep my movement fluid but slow, I think about my hands a lot, how I hold them, extend then and turn them, I think about emotion and motion.

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

A few words by Urban fire:

Laden with bags and a sense of purpose, we entered the park, heading for the location suggested by Elizabeth. Crossing the bridge and before entering the woods running alongside the river, an old gentleman stopped us to exchange pleasantries – it quickly became clear however, that this well meaning fellow was about to tell us his life story, so we made our excuses and continued on our way.

Ambling through tree root trip hazards and ducking under sprawling branches, it wasn’t long before we reached a clearing. A picturesque location where a huge weeping willow appeared to be guarding the serene and tranquil river.

Upon gauging my surroundings and looking for any natural leading lines, I became aware that neither time nor weather were feeling generous today. Usually I am grateful for the soft light of an overcast sky, but this seemed a little too grey for my liking. Wasting no time, we popped our wellies on and waded into the river for some test shots. Unfortunately it was darker than I had envisaged, so I had to increase my ISO accordingly. I had speed lights with me, but hadn’t intended using them for the river based shots – and after seeing the final images, it was the correct decision.

I instructed Andrew to make his way upstream to let off the first smoke grenade, just as I felt the first spot of rain on my face. We raced through some shots until the smoke was no longer billowing and reviewed the results.

After a quick position change and grabbing two more grenades, we had another intense couple of minutes shooting. As I splashed through the river to get different angles, it dawned on me that I hadn’t had this much fun on a shoot ever!

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

BTS shot to show how it was done

A few words by Andrew Denton:

Shooting with Lucifera was fantastic. It’s very refreshing as a Makeup Artist to work with a model that has no fear. Lucifera allowed me full rain of the look and feel of the makeup and that is a very rare treat indeed. To create Lucifera’s Deep purple, structured smokey eye I used purple tones in graduated hues starting from light to dark, building up toward the outer corner of the top lid. I Also used the deeper purples to accentuate the socket line, this gave the eye depth, perfect for the gothic style of the shoot. For skin, As Lucifera had already applied her base, I used a combination of concealers from MAC’s pro concealer palette and also my favourite highlighter ‘Soft and Gentle’ also by MAC. Both of these products are a favourite of mine, I love the consistency of the concealers and the subtle shimmer of the highlighter, both enable me to create a flawless finish without a ‘made up’ look to the skin. Lips, I cheated here and used my Black gel liner (Mac Again) all over the lips to create a stain and then my fave black eyeliner pencil to line. Using a gel liner with a lip brush is a fantastic way to keep a dark lip from fading, it also gives a lipstick something to cling to if you are wanting to add another colour on top or intensify with a lipstick in the same shade as your gel liner. Simply, you can even add a clear gloss on top to make the lip pop.

Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelite Urban Fire

BTS with Andrew Denton

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much love

Lucifera xXx