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Deep Purple by Bokehlicious

26/10/2015 Bokeh, Fashion, Lucifera, Natural Light, Portrait

Hippy, Boho and Psychedelic fashion photo shoot with a slight tease of lingerie in shades of deep purple.

Going back to summer seems like an eternity but it was only a few months ago – hard to believe, isn’t it?!

It was towards the end of the summer that I had my second shoot with Bokelicious. We shot in a wild life reserve, not too far from where I live, so forgive me not divulging these precise details.

We aimed to shoot lingerie and some gypsy boho amongst the corn and hay bales. I’ve always wanted to do some hay bale shots. Funny how the simplest of things can occupy our minds, isn’t it.

Among the outfits shot I really loved these, not only because I am wearing my favourite colour (although yes, that’s a big part of it) but also because I am sporting my brand new Prima Donna lingerie in purple with orange embroidered flowers. I was dying to show it off a bit.

Thankfully the farmers who were cutting all the corn were at the other end of the field…

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