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Corsetry and rocking some leather

15/10/2015 Corsetry, Lucifera

Hey all, Finally getting to show off a couple of shots from my second shoot with Arrow Photography showing off my gorgeous, oxblood leather corset, by Puimond in a stunning setting.

I first shot with Arrow Photography back at the beginning of the summer, when we shot mostly boudoir. I do believe I posted a couple from that set in the boudoir section and if you have not seen them before, please go take a look. Arrow Photography and I were pretty pleased we won 2 FPI’s on 2 of the shots from that photo shoot. I enjoyed working with him so much and loved the photos so we, of course, had plans to shoot again later in the year.

We decided on a hotel for our second photo shoot. As it’s a long journey for him to make, it made sense him booking a room and staying in it. So we thought why not choose a hotel with some interesting rooms to shoot in.

We found a hotel that was fairly local and offered some amazingly cool and quirky rooms called D’Parys hotel in Bedford. I really adored the room with its vintage print wall paper and roll top bath and we got some fantastic photos –  most of this shoot will be featured in the fetish website at – coming soon! However, I wanted to share a few teasers here for now.

Photo 24-09-2015, 00 54 32

In these photos I am wearing a gorgeous plunge oxblood leather corset by Puimond. Each corset that Puimond make are custom, one of the kinds made to order. I’ve been getting my corsets from Puimond for a number of years now. I just adore them and the service is excellent. I feel their “made to measure” service provides the best corset to show off ones hourglass figure, to perfection.

I am also wearing a one of the kind studded Bathory vest made by Toxic Vision, one of my prized possessions. Being the fact Bathory are one of my favourite bands, this was something I covered relentlessly until it was finally mine, to quote Wayne “oh yes, you shall be mine”!

Photo 10-02-2014, 18 00 55

I hope to be shooting with Arrow Photography a lot more in the future! He’s only been doing photography a short while and in the space of time between our 2 shoots, I have witnessed his progress. I also heard from a little bird that he will be creating his own website soon, which is exciting stuff.

As promised I have added a few extra photos of the location here but I am afraid no silly selfie this time… well, there is one on Instagram if you want to check that out.

Photo 24-09-2015, 00 53 51

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Until then, nano nano!!

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A few words from Arrow Photography:

Second shoot with the wonderful Lucifera!

“I find it really amazing to get to know people, the more you shoot the better the rapport and working with Lucifera is no exception.

Feels like we’ve known each other a lot longer, comms before were awesome, I was late and she was infinitely patient. The shoot itself she’d bought her usual selection of amazing outfits and just a fab creative brain! We had a great time, messed around with some really cool concepts and just had a great time. Special thanks to Megadeth and Rammstein for helping out!!

Would I work with again? Silly question, go away before I slap you for asking!!”