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Cherry Blossom in the height of spring

28/06/2015 Fashion, Lucifera, Portrait
Lady Lucifera Gallery Fashion Portrait Cherry Blossom

Every spring and summer I always seek out the opportunity to shoot with the seasonal flowers. In the past I have been successful capturing photos among poppies, bluebells and lavender, but every year I always seemed to be little too late for the blossom.

I got chatting to a lovely photographer by the name of Susan Grace-Hinman. Susan is amazing to shoot with, she has a very precise idea about her goals, and with some mutual creative planning we finally settled on a colour pallet for our blossom shoot.

Susan found a lovely spot with an abundance of beautiful cherry blossoms and apple blossom so off we went one very sunny but cold afternoon. Our idea was to be loosely based on the Geisha although, we were not seeking to create a “geisha” shoot.

We got to shoot 3 outfits in a very brief space of time, the floral head-dress with velvet kimono, a blue Italian silk dress with flower circlet and lastly, a white medieval dress.

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