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Brand new Lady Lucifera Dean Wilkinson Gallery

12/04/2015 Lucifera, Pre Raphaelite
Lady Lucifera By Dean Wilkinson At The Cliffs At Dusk In Red Gown

Hello my lovelies, I thought it was high time I added a gallery containing the photos taken by Dean Wilkinson.

Dean is one of the first photographers I ever shot with and over the years he has become one of my dearest friends.

I am starting this gallery off with our very last shoot. Taken on the cliffs at dusk, we waited around for a couple of hours hoping to capture a glorious sunset. Sadly the ideal sunset never came but we were lucky enough to capture these shots against a stormy sky which I feel adds a dramatic feel.

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I really hope you enjoy these photos and look forward to seeing more by Dean Wilkinson in the future.

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