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Bokehlicious photography gallery added

26/04/2015 Bokeh, Fashion, Lucifera, Portrait, Retro
Lady Lucifera Bokehlicious Boho Gypsy Retro Fashion Florals Dress 70's Hat Witch Vintage In Woods Portrait

You may recall I had a photo session with Bokehlicious Photography on the April 6th. We focused on 3 styles which you can now view in the exclusive Bokehlicious gallery.

Hello lovelies, on Monday the 6th of April I packed a large suitcase up with an assortment on clothes and make up. Throwing it in the boot of the car and made my way to Milton Keynes to shoot with Bokehlicious Photography. We had originally planned to shoot at the end of last summer but our conflicting schedules kind of got in the way.

We found a lovely wooded spot to do some nice natural light, shallow depth of field shots.  I got to model some floaty floral gypsy tops and skirt, my beloved vintage 70’s dress with hat and last an Indian embroidered top with my tassel flares.

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