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Bokeh gone Fae… in May :D

05/10/2015 Bokeh, Fairytale, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Fairytale Maiden Wearing Flower Crown

I would like to thank everyone for my birthday wishes! I’ve had literally 100’s of emails wishing me a Happy Birthday but sadly, I just dont have time to reply to them all! 🙁

I mean how can you convey appreciation for a kind wish or admiration with so few words and so little time?!

Also, a big thank you to those who subscribed to my blog here today – I am really thrilled about this because it means no matter what, I can keep in touch with you!

This website and blog started with my increasing frustration in being restricted to sites like Facebook. Granted, they’re great in some ways but I was constantly being told what I could and couldn’t post, dealing with haters, and if that wasn’t bad enough then Facebook decided they could make money if one has a public page. I was unwilling and unable to pay to continue a reasonable exposure to be required for my page and so I found that each post was reaching fewer and fewer of you – it was very disheartening!

I realised a blog was my way forward, to quote a classic film, “if you build it, they will come” so now I have a website I can post tons of photos to, blog about whatever I like and you won’t miss a thing; assuming you want to know what I am getting up to?

On average I only post about 5% of my photos to Facebook, so if you’re a fan and want to see more, this is really the place to frequent. Oh and if you’re wondering where the fetish and other styles of modelling are, well this is the bit of news you have been waiting for. I am currently working on the fetish website, and as that progresses and approaches a launch date, I’ll be posting about it here first…

So let’s get on with the fun bit shall we?

These photos were taken back in May, before the chaos of house hunting and moving. So I look back at these photos as being quite peaceful. It started with the pursuit for a cool location to test out a new 50mm lens and obtain that Bokeh style look. It was just luck we found a beautiful blanket of bluebells that suited a little white dress and my brand new flower circlet.


I had this idea of bringing along a little glass orb, I thought if I just held it up, we might be able to get some shots with the light shining through it.


Some of you have asked for shots and info about the location as well as some behind the scenes shots. I shall endeavour to try to get these for you. I love getting your thoughts and ideas on ways I can make my blogs more interesting.

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All I can say about this location is that it was a woodland nature reserve near to Herstmonceux and Battle which, in May, looks beautiful.


Below are a few candid shots from this shoot, a little random perhaps, but there is also one of me pulling a daft face 😛


Lastly I had a fab birthday, there were Owls, Cake and I got some lovely Flowers & Perfume 🙂 As some of you know I am currently a bit unwell, so I didn’t go out as I had originally hoped.

Click here to see the new photo shoot