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Bathory Hammer Heart

19/10/2015 Gothic, Lucifera
Lady Lucifera Gothic Heavy Metal Bathory Toxic Vision in a field

“God of Thunder, Who crack the sky, Swing your Hammer, Way up high!”

For those of you who know, will not be surprised – being that Bathory are one of my all time favourite bands it was only a matter of time before I posted some photos in my wonderful one of the kind Bathory artillery vest by Toxic Vision.

She has made other Bathory items over the years I’d probably sell my soul for, but this is my only piece so it’s naturally a treasured item.

These photos were taken on location while playing around with a new lens and my natural need to get out into the wilderness.

I have added them to the Gothic Gallery, not really Gothic, I know but as I do not have a Heavy Metal gallery, it naturally seems to be the right place for these.

Black ceremonail dress by Kambriel and Baphomet leggings also by Toxic Vision, Inspired by Quorthon R.I.P.

“I raise my fist to the Air, In the creed of powers and glory swear”

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