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A touch of gothic by Paride

15/11/2015 Gothic, Lucifera

Smoke and skulls – gothic gallery

Hello folks, autumn is now here, the rich and robust colours are at their fullest, and this is a wonderful time of year for on location photography.

I’ve naturally been peering out of the window when out and about, looking for potential spots for shoots and hoping I’ll get some photos I can enjoy making and take pride in before the leaves have all dropped and rotted into our winter.

Going back to the previous month and sensing Autumn and winters approach, I wanted to shoot more darker concepts. I shared these thoughts with Paride.

You may recall my previous shoots with Paride – “A murder of crows, the harbinger” and “To the devil a daughter” – well there was one last set I’ve held back until now.

I’ve shot with smoke before, I loved the results but it is highly temperamental and can be difficult getting the results you want. More than once I’ve ended up with it getting in my eyes which stings and resulted in me not being able to keep my eyes open. However, I am not one to give up and will try and try again on this one – do expect to see more.

The other feature within these shots I feel deserves a mention is the headdress. I’ve always had a bit of thing for skulls, and I love the idea of wearing skull accessories. Thankfully LivsCreations make unique and custom items. I was thrilled when Liv said she could make this gorgeous fascinator for me.

Some of you have asked about the locations in my shoots – these photos were taken at a church in Ayot St Lawerence. Lovely location but not very private as the near by houses like to keep an eye on what you are doing. These shots were taken between numerous checks, and we had to keep hiding Sean ( the Rams skull ) and the smoke bombs! LOL!

I am thrilled with these photos, and I love working with Paride! He is a great laugh and can appreciate the unusual and even the humour.

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