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A Ray Of Light

06/01/2016 Bokeh, Fairytale, Lucifera, Medieval, Natural Light, Pre Raphaelite
Lady Lucifera Pre Raphaelites Red Velvet Blossom

This past week has been full of surprises! When I say surprises, I mean being contacted by a photographer and them saying ‘hey, recall that shoot we did last summer, or last year? Here’s a photo’ . Well I had two such examples of this happening this week, imagine my surprise. Thanks guys!

This photo was from way back in the spring, when the blossom was out on the trees – taken in Richmond Park by Romi. I recall wishing I could see more from that shoot and then yesterday, I got an email from Romi with this photo attached. Well what can I say, I just love it!

With photos that are taken in a beautiful location and have a good concept, such as this, I prefer it when the photographer makes you a part of the image rather than the focus of the photo. Anything short of getting the whole of the background in would simply be a waste.

I think this photo is so dreamy with the rich contrast of colours and the beautiful Ray’s of light spilling into the shot and filling it with an ethereal glow.

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Lucifera xXx