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70’s sparkle meets floral gypsy – photo shoot by Intense Puppy

25/05/2015 Lucifera, Retro
Lady Lucifera 70's Retro Fashion Intense Puppy

I had admired the works of Intense Puppy for some time, however I never thought he would work with me, being that I am all things alternative and he mostly shoots high fashion.

So when I spotted a casting call for retro 70’s floaty fashion shoot, I naturally jumped. I mean, what else is a girl who’s entire closet is inspired by that era going to do, right?

On the day of the shoot I presented a collection of outfits all inspired by the 70’s and we finally picked out the following; mid 70’s Rock chick ( image above ) with tiedye flares and a gorgeous sequin jacket. Gypsy Boho in floaty floral fabrics and even a few circletts, topped off with sparky beaded necklaces and bracelets. Make up was very minimal so I feel I look my most natural in these photos.

I have just added 14 photos from this shoot to the retro gallery.

Before you dismiss this style, remember this is the style of the times for the likes of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the Doors, so rock on!! \m/

Lucifera xXx

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